Beyond Breakfast: Wario’s Beef & Pork

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2020 was a rough year, but the year didn’t completely stop many of our city’s bold restaurateurs. So we’re entering 2021 with some culinary bright points: Preston’s making a home in the North Market, Parable Coffee, Afra Grill, Basic Biscuits, Emmett’s Cafe, Winston’s.

And one my favorites to kick off in 2020, an unexpected walk-up sandwich stand in the Arena District.

Wario’s Beef & Pork – yes, it takes its name from Wario, enemy of Mario – opened in the old Arena Sandwich Co. spot on Nationwide, right across from the arena. There’s been a sandwich stand there for a few years; it’s a simple walk-up window (as of this writing, still with the old red awning) with a sizable patio.

Wario’s is the creation of chef Stephan Madias. I’m familiar with him from his time cooking at Ethyl & Tank, The Market Italian Village, and most recently The Crest. On my breakfast tours we used to spot him out front of The Crest tending his smoker.

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